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Brilliant Becket Ballers
17th October 2018
Yesterday, the year 7’s played their first ever inter house tournament against each other. Six forms took part to win the cup.

The forms were: Becket, Campion, Fisher, Loyola, Moore and Xavier.

However, there could only be one winner, which was Becket!

Becket Team:
They had very strong competition, but they came out on top. Their team captain led them to victory, using all of his players wisely and changing the tactics.

“I thought everybody performed well and that the boys made their form proud not everybody can win, but the best team came on top.”
Mr Martin

By: Jeremy 7F, Charlie 7c, Max 7C and Jonathan 7B

St Columba B team shine on debut!

On Tuesday the 6th of November 2018 St Columba’s B team played against St Elizabeth’s school. Both teams tried their hardest to win, but only one team could win. The team that won was St Columba’s! Amazingly scoring 6-0! The Elizabeth team were devastated by their loss. On the other hand, the Columba’s team were made jovial by this win!

By: The BBC Report Team.

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