St Columba's Catholic Boys' School

Summer School 2021

Summer School: 26 – 30 July 2021

This year we welcomed our new Year 7’s students to our school by hosting them for a week filled with fun activities. What an amazing week it was, where our students were exposed to a variety of activities that ranged from science activities to literacy experiences.

The summer school enabled us to prepare our new students, to what we have on offer at St Columba’s and enabled us to provide welcome education and wellbeing support. The experience served as an ideal opportunity for us to reduce the initial school anxiety, that some students may experience, by the provision of a mix of academic and enrichment activities.

For the week, the mornings started with a morning prayer on the school playground after which the boys spend 15 minutes with their summer school tutor. During tutor time, boys played ice breaker games and were given various pieces of information about the day ahead and what they would expect during a particular lesson. The lessons were designed in way that it prepared our students for what they would experience when they officially started in September 2021.

At the end of each day, we would all meet in the school theatre to reflect on students’ successes of the day. Some students were awarded with a student of the day certificate to recognise their fantastic attitude, displayed during each day. The ultimate prize, of student of the week, was handed to our most deserving student at the end of the week.

The success of the summer school was certainly due to the dedicated staff that made themselves available during that time. Students experienced support in a variety of areas including English, Maths, DT, Games, Library activities, RE, Science, Music, Wellbeing and Meditation.

One of many highlights of the week was certainly having a return visit by the Birdman. Some boys could not contain themselves when he arrived with Bald headed eagle. What a sight she was and ever so graceful as she flew around the school theatre. The boys were given an opportunity to ask questions which enabled them to gain additional knowledge about birds.

New teacher student relationships were forged during this week and that has provided our students with an opportunity to feel less anxious and more prepared for the start of secondary school.

Funding was kindly provided by the Department of Education for this summer school and St Columba’s has claimed £30,370.55 for the 113 students who attended. Our expenditure is summarised below:

22,822.34 School Staff: Teachers, Teaching Assistant’s, First Aid/Admin, Catering & Premises.
1,148.11 Resources purchased, additional to utilising school resources.
1,400.10 Catering for break and lunch for students.
5,000.00 Enrichment and Pastoral activities provided by CRiB’s.

Well done and thank you to all the students and staff who took part – it really was an enriching and memorable experience.