Money Management

Money Management – Personal Financial Education

We are committed to financial education at St. Columba’s Catholic Boys’ School. We aim to give our students the knowledge and skills to make informed conscientious decisions on how to manage their money now and in the future.

A school wide initiative led by the RE department with support from the Personal Financial Education Group, Pfeg, all pupils will receive lessons in money management. The RE department will focus on the understanding of the personal aspects of money management such as types of account, debt, financial safety and awareness while the Maths department will, in line with the new National Curriculum, focus more on the numerical skills and understanding required. Other departments have and will continue to be involved as the project develops.

How to manage money Borrowing money and managing debt
Becoming a critical consumer Financial products
Calculating value for money
Managing risks and emotions associated with money Avoiding scams and identity theft
Understanding the important role money plays in our lives Connections between the world of work and future economic well-being
Personal finance, public spending and charitable giving
How to manage money Planned borrowing and saving
Becoming a critical consumer Comparing financial products
Using information and advice to make financial decisions
Managing risks and emotions associated with money Dealing with fraud
Understanding the important role money plays in our lives Work, income and deductions
Relationship between personal finance and economic citizenship
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