St Columba's Catholic Boys' School

School Crest and Motto



Our motto – Tenui Nec Dimittam – is from the Song of Songs in the Old Testament. Its author, Solomon, reigned over Israel for what could be argued to be its most prosperous period. Solomon was a man of great Faith and great Wisdom so it is particularly apt that our motto hails from his writings. We now translate our motto to mean “Have faith”. To have found the faith preached by St Columba, to live our lives by it, and hold steadfast to it, is central to who we are as St Columba’s Community.

Our Motto is represented in circular fashion at the centre of our crest. The Circle represents the eternity of the Father, with the Son and Holy Spirit. It is at the centre of who we are. It is also reflective of God’s unending love for his peoples.

The Cross of Jesus our Saviour is central to our life as Christians. St Columba’s is a Christo-centric community – one centred on the love of Jesus.

Columba, Colum-Cille in the native Gaelic, means ‘Dove of the churches’. Columba finds his representation in the doves on our Crest. Four doves, one for each of the Four Cardinal Virtues: Prudence; Fortitude, Justice; and Temperance.


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