St Columba's Catholic Boys' School

Catholic Ethos

In your Catholic schools, there is always a bigger picture over and above the individual subjects you study, the different skills you learn. All the work you do is placed in the context of growing in friendship with God, and all that flows from that friendship.”

Benedict XVI

Community cohesion is an outstanding feature of the school. The school is very inclusive and there are students from other faiths and denominations who feel welcomed and valued as full members of the community.

Section 48 Inspection Report, December 2010

All stakeholders strive to fulfil its [St Columba’s] inclusive vision to meet the personal and academic potential of each individual, based firmly on the school’s Roman Catholic ethos…As one Parent put is, ‘My son’s strengths have been spotted and are being used, encouraged and developed. His different faith ground is encouraged and he never feels excluded or left out’

OFSTED Section 5 Report, October 2010


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