Religious Education

Religious Education Department

The Religious Education and Chaplaincy Department’s Mission is a unique one. It is to facilitate the pupils on a journey. This journey is 4 fold. It is combining the academic, Spiritual, ethic and Philosophical. It uses the relationship between school, home, parish and world wide community of the church and beyond. Through our RE lessons and Home learning projects pupils will be challenged to be a critical thinker to be inspired and excited by faith. To be open minded and use skills such as empathy. Pupils are challenged to reflect and find their own views in an all inclusive and supportive environment.

All pupils study Edexcel GCSE in year 10 and 11. This is 2 papers, one taken in May of year 10 and the other in June of year 11. The first paper is philosophical and ethics based and the other is St Mark’s Gospel. Key stage 3 is spiral scheme which introduces and supports most aspects of the GCSE.

An overview of the RE national curriculum is available below or a more detailed version is available here – Click Here

Year 7
Autumn Term 1 Revelation of Faith
Autumn Term 2 God’s Promises Fulfilled
Spring Term 1 The Saviour
Spring Term 2 The Church
Summer Term 1 The Sacraments
Summer Term 2 Christianity and Other Faiths
Year 8
Autumn Term 1 Creation
Autumn Term 2 The Covenant
Spring Term 1 Mystery of the Eucharist
Spring Term 2 The Paschal Mystery
Summer Term 1 Mission of the Church
Summer Term 2 The Church in Britain
Year 9
Autumn Term 1 Spiritual Quest
Autumn Term 2 The Gospels
Spring Term 1 Life in the Spirit
Spring Term 2 God’s Call
Summer Term 1 Morality and Conscience
Summer Term 2 Dialogue with Other Faiths
Year 10
Autumn Term 1 Believing in God
Autumn Term 2 Matters of Life and Death
Spring Term 1 Marriage and the family
Spring Term 2 Religion and community cohesion
Summer Term 1 Revision of all Year 10 studies
Summer Term 2 GIE exam for year 10 studies
Year 11
Autumn Term 1 Discipleship
Autumn Term 2 Conflict and argument
Spring Term 1 Death and resurrection
Spring Term 2 The identity of Jesus
Summer Term 1  
Summer Term 2  
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