Design Technology

Design Technology Department

Within the subject, every pupil is treated and catered for individually to ensure that their needs are met. Work is differentiated accordingly and teachers plan their lessons within DT to teach to the higher ability. At KS3, pupils have access to progress cards, giving help, guidance and examples from all levels from 4 up to 7. Pupils have the option to select help cards to assist them and are guided by the teacher. This encourages self-motivation and reasonability which ties in with our SMSC.

At KS4, every pupil has one to one support in order to achieve their full potential, regardless of their individual needs or background. Last year, every pupil was treated as a ‘Pupil premium’ pupil which helped to raise our expectations and grades in Resistant Materials.

Numeracy and Mathematics
Numeracy and Maths are vital aspects of the design and making processes so is something that we value within the subject. Data is collected and analysed at both KS3 and KS4 within the research sections of all projects.

Language and Literacy
It is vital for pupils to be able to communicate their designs to their target market as well as to each other and to their teachers. Language, both verbal and written, is essential to DT. Pupils has access to key questions and help sheets at all levels and grades to help them develop their literacy skills and aim high.
Vocabulary Development
Pupils develop their vocabulary within DT by using key words and becoming more confident using tools and equipment during practical lessons. This is then reflected in their theory and home work.

Year 7
Autumn Term 1 FPTS Maze
Autumn Term 2 Maze FPTS
Spring Term 1 FPTS Food
Spring Term 2 Maze Food
Summer Term 1 Food FPTS
Summer Term 2 Food Maze
Year 8
Autumn Term 1 FPTS Air Vehicle
Autumn Term 2 Air Vehicle FPTS
Spring Term 1 Air Vehicle Food
Spring Term 2 FPTS Food
Summer Term 1 Food FPTS
Summer Term 2 Food Air Vehicle
Year 9
Autumn Term 1 FPTS Mechanisms
Autumn Term 2 Mechanisms FPTS
Spring Term 1 SC Food
Spring Term 2 FPTS Food
Summer Term 1 Food FPTS
Summer Term 2 Food SC
Year 10
 Scheme of Work  
Year 11
Scheme of Work – FD  
Scheme of Work – RM  
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