Name Category Term of Office
Mr Nigel Fisher Head Teacher Ex Officio
Foundation Governors – (Appointed by the Diocese)
    Start End
Mrs Sharon Biggs Foundation 01/09/12 31/08/20
Mrs Jeanette Johnson (Chair) Foundation 01/09/12 31/08/20
Mr Paul Strub Foundation 01/09/12 31/08/20
Mr Peter Ward (Vice Chair) Foundation 24/06/14 23/06/18
Fr Jim Spencer Foundation 29/05/17 28/05/21 
Mr Neil McDonough Foundation  17/01/18 16/01/22
Miss Ann Darren Foundation 05/02/18 04/02/22
Vacancy Foundation    
Parent Governors – (Elected by Parents/Carers of students at the school)
Mr Gavin Kendall Parent 25/03/15 24/03/19
Dr Simon Philbin Parent  04/11/15 03/11/19
Staff Governors – (Elected by staff of the school)
Mrs Laura Turner Staff 19/06/14 18/06/18
Local Governor – (Appointed by the Governing Body)
Mr John Murphy Local 21/01/15 20/01/19
Clerk to Governing Body
Mr Bill Stone E-mail    
Governors’ attendance at full Governing Body meetings since 1st September 2015 to 1st October 2017
Name Attendance
Mr S Middleton – (Resigned July 2016)  1/5
Mrs S Biggs 10/10
Fr J Spencer 9/10
Mrs J Johnson 10/10
Mr P Strub 9/10
Mr P Ward 9/10
Mr J Murphy 9/10
Dr S Philbin – (Appointed November 2015) 4/9
Mr G Kendall 7/10
Mr N Fisher 10/10
Mrs C Natali – (Term of Office ended June 2017) 8/8
Mrs L Turner 9/10
Committee List
Resources Curriculum
Head Teacher  Mr J Murphy
Mrs J Johnson Mrs S Biggs
Dr S Philbin Head Teacher
Mr P Strub Mr P Strub (Chair)
 Fr J Spencer Mr G Kendall
Mr P Ward (Chair) Mrs L Turner
Mrs S Goddard – Co-opted Dr L Fripps – Co-opted
  Mr B Woodcock – Co-opted 
Pay & Performance Admissions
Dr S Philbin Mr P Ward
Mrs Johnson Mrs J Johnson
Mr P Ward Head Teacher
Staffing Discipline/’First’ Staffing Appeal
Governors to be called upon as required
Three governors to form the panel
Governors to be called upon as required
Three governors to form the panel
Pay & Performance Appeals Student Discipline
Governors to be called upon as required
Three governors to form the panel
Governors to be called upon as required
Three governors to form the panel
Communications and Marketing working party
Mrs S Biggs
Mrs J Johnson
Head Teacher
Any governor free to attend
Members of the SLT to be called upon
Special Interest Governors
Trips/ H&S / SEND Mrs J Johnson
SEND/ Safeguarding (inc eSafety)/ LAC Mrs S Biggs
Pupil Premium / Maths Mr J Murphy
Religious Education Fr Jim Spencer
English / PE Mr G Kendall
Science Mr P Strub
Responsible Officer Mr P Ward
Register of Interests / Business Interests
Governor Pecuniary Interest Non-Pecuniary Interest
Mrs S Biggs None None
Mr N Fisher Member of Staff Governor at St Stephen’s Catholic Primary School
Mrs J Johnson None None
Mr G Kendall None Parent of student at the school
Mr J Murphy None Governor at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School
Dr S Philbin None Parent of student at the school
Mr P Strub None None
Mrs L Turner Member of Staff Cousin of a member of non-teaching staff
Mr P Ward None None
The Chair or other members of the Governing Body can be contacted via Mr Stone, The Clerk to Governors. He can be emailed via the link above or written to at the school address given at the foot of the page. He can also be contacted via the school main switchboard number
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